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Sale Price: $375.00

Code: 204

"Rock Around The Clock" has a small subtitle - Some Years Later.  Our energetic, but greying haired bobby soxers are a bit older now and their version of "rockin' " is a bit more subdued.  They are both in their rocking chairs, listening to their "jukebox" (which is a working alarm clock that happens to play "Rock Around The Clock").  The entire vignette sits on an "LP" that is really a lazy susan which allows them to rotate around.  Both needle felted bears have wire armatures which allow them to pose.  They are each appr 12" tall.  The rocking chairs are wood and the jukebox is about 10" tall.  This piece was made as a one of a kind for TBAI 2009 and a portion of the proceeds go directly to the Ross Park Zoo in Binghampton, NY.  Please consider this as you contemplate this piece.  Both you and the animals at the zoo will benefit from its purchase.

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