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 Needle Felted Creations By Irene Heckel  
 Needle felting is sculpting with carded wool.  It is a mechanical way of producing felt.  The traditional way would be to use carded wool , hot water, soap and agitation  as it has been done for hundreds of years.  Needle felting uses a special felting needle that is used in manufacturing non woven fabrics such as  quilt batting, craft felt, carpets, imitation leathers, even for some of the skins for the space shuttle.  The process involves poking or stabbing the wool with a single needle  (or several in a needle holder) and sculpting the shape that you want.  It is quite a miraculous process and one that has had me hooked since 2002.  Check out the current designs … there are always more being created , each is a one of a kind since there are no patterns and each one is designed directly from the head and heart
All the featured needle felted pieces are one of a kind. 
They can be created again, but by their nature will never be exactly duplicated. 
                                     Each piece is a sculpture and there are no patterns. 
Each one is created from the original concept. 
They are truly art pieces so you can be sure that although the character you request my be made several times the one you receive will be unique within itself.

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